High-quality care from North Karelia

Marko Lipponen has worked in private health and social wellbeing sector in Finland for almost 20 years. He owns five nursing homes all over Eastern Finland: in Juuka, Nurmes and Juankoski. In addition to these municipalities, his companies provide home care services also in Joensuu. There are plenty of space for 170 customers in his companies and he employs 150 employees. The customers of the care homes are senior citizens, mentally disabled, mental health rehabilitees and people with memory illnesses. 

Marko has been in business since 1999: first as an employee and later in high level management and as an owner. He has also worked in project regarding quality management systems, in which Juuan Hoito ja Hoiva Oy’s quality system was certified according to ISO standard, the first private owned care home to receive the certification in Finland. The company has also been rewarded as the best company in Juuka and the entrepreneur of the year in North Karelia.

I am more than happy to help you and your organisation to develop your customer service and be more efficient at your work. This all will eventually improve the customer’s quality of life and that’s the most important thing to me.